Your Wellness Adventure

Embark on life-changing outdoor adventures ranging from endurance hiking to whitewater rafting to achieve your health goals.

At Peak, you’ll spend very little time in the gym because you’ll be learning new ways to make fitness fun outside! You’ll push yourself in outdoor group fitness classes, try new challenges, get personalized training while climbing up a mountain, and experience the beauty of Colorado Rocky Mountains daily. We incorporate adventure into every day and make education exciting and hands-on. You’ll learn about the food you are eating while dining in 4 and 5 star restaurants, and explore how to cook that way at home. Whenever possible, you’ll be immersed into the rich culture in Vail in the evenings to enjoy concerts, art festivals and other cultural events.

Outdoor Adventure

With Vail Mountain as the backdrop and the average high temperature hovering around 75 degrees, getting healthier will feel like a vacation.  During your stay you’ll get outside every day for an active adventure.  We can push your training to the next level with outdoor mountain cardio drills, trail running clinics, interval hiking, uphill mountain biking, or a sunset mountain run.  Perhaps you’ll find a new passion by trying downhill mountain biking, endurance hiking, road biking, fly fishing, white water rafting, or horseback riding.  Improve your golf or tennis game with world class pros or simply escape for a nature walk in the serenity of the Rocky Mountains.  Our goal is to introduce you to lifestyle sports that help make being active and fit fun.  In Vail, we live our passion and our goal at Peak Wellness is to help you find and live yours.  You will not leave without feeling healthier, refreshed, rejuvenated, aware, and accomplished.

Personal Training

Guarantee results and take an even deeper dive into improving your body by working with a personal trainer during your stay. Training with the right coach who understands your whole health picture is an essential part of meeting your fitness goals. Each package includes a comprehensive one hour training session to develop your personalized fitness Rx. Incorporating feedback from your physical and structural exam, your trainer will use a combination of state of the art equipment and body weight movements to prescribe your customized fitness program relevant to your fitness level. You will be motivated to push yourself to the limit and encouraged to keep going, even when you want to give up. Our training team cares about making sure you meet your goals and ensuring that you enjoy getting into shape. They will create videos of each exercise to take home so you will never forget a movement and can work with you when you go back home to ensure continued success.

Group Fitness

What motivates you to get moving? Besides being fun, physical activities make you more energetic, boost your brain power, help manage stress, increase your longevity, and make physical tasks easier. With more than 20 fitness classes to choose from daily, you will discover new ways to exercise that are fun, challenging, and produce serious results.  Before you even arrive at Peak, your personal coach will work with you to create the fitness prescription for your stay based on your individual goals.  You’ll choose 2-4 classes daily from spinning, outdoor boot camp, total body boot camp, yoga, ski conditioning, pilates, zumba, 5k street challenge, barre, core restore, 30/30 cross training, Ignite 360, water aerobics, team sports, tennis, TRX, boxing, cardio dance, butts & guts, crossfit, and rock climbing, gym circuit, upper body blast, stretch & recover, and functional training.   Whether you are looking for high intensity or low impact, there are exciting options for every ability level.  


Food and Nutrition

Do you find it hard to make quick healthy meals? You won’t just eat healthy while at Peak, you will learn easy, time-saving techniques to create delicious, healthy meals at home. Our chefs and nutritionists combine an organic, whole foods based philosophy with simple methods to make cooking healthy at home fun and easy. Included in your stay, you will observe and participate in demos from world-class chefs during breakfast or lunch and our certified nutritionist will guide you through the steps to cook a healthy and well balanced meal for your whole family.

You have the exclusive opportunity to add a cooking class with world-renowned chef Kelly Liken. You’ve seen her on Top Chef and USA today, you’ve read about her in Bon Apetit and Food & Wine, now you can learn how to cook fresh, healthy, seasonal meals from one of the world’s best chefs!


Learning the science behind how your body works plays an integral role in solving long-term health problems.  This information will help you meet and exceed your fitness goals.  Peak offers a wide variety of seminars and lectures that teach you how your body functions, explain the science of nutrition, and help you understand the basics of healthy living.  Each program includes educational sessions that equip you with the tools and knowledge to live healthy at home.  World-class doctors, certified coaches, physical therapists, personal trainers, nutritionists, psychologists and other wellness professionals will hold educational talks and provide take home resources for continued, sustainable success.  Some topics include:

  • Metabolic Health: What we have learned from elite athletes that can be applied to improve our health”
  • “Eating for Inflammation Control”
  • “GI Health: Survival through your gut!”
  • “Sports Performance: Training in your optimal zone, not just zone training”
  • “Whole Foods: How to throw calorie counting out the window”
  • “Cardiac health: How healthy is your heart?”
  • “What are phytonutrients and why do I need them?”
  • Primary Food™: Healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity and a spiritual awareness are essential forms of nourishment. When these “primary foods” are balanced, what you eat becomes secondary.


During their stay, Peak guests view their complete health picture, achieve individual goals, and elevate their well-being all while enjoying Vail’s natural splendor, community, and culture. We will have fun outings to various community events ranging from nights at Bravo! Music Festival and the International Dance Festival to farmers market tours and trips to the Go Pro Games. Vail is an iconic destination with world class events, and our goal is to help you get healthier while still delivering a vacation style experience.


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