Understanding Your Whole Health Picture

Bring your whole health picture into focus with customized training that addresses your individual goals.  Whether you’re a seasoned athlete wanting to kick it up a gear, a new mom looking to shed that extra baby weight, an over-stressed executive looking for balance, or a health conscious person wanting to live at your peak, we have the program for you. Your first day at Peak, you will sit down with a series of experts who examine your whole health picture, share ideas, and collaborate to develop a your personal, results-oriented program.


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Baseline Assessment

Peak Wellness Retreat goal is for every individual to understand their whole health picture and create a plan to realize their full potential. We have packaged together the best possible tools on the market today to provide you with this in depth look at your body. We utilize three comprehensive tests to help diagnose the right exercise RX for you: Advanced Metabolic Testing, a full functional movement screening and body composition using InBody 360™ .

You’ve seen the athlete running on the treadmill in the Gatorade commercials, dripping beautiful, bright orange sweat. Metabolic testing like this is not just for professional and endurance athletes. This technology will provide you will your optimal heart rate zones for fat burning and endurance and also help you to understand your optimal fat and carbohydrate utilization.

The functional movement screening is completed by a personal trainer and helps identify functional limitations and asymmetries in your body. The trainer will take you through a series of exercises including squats, step ups, stretches ect. and the end result will be an FMS score. This score will help you identify current weaknesses in your body. Corrective exercises provided by the trainer with help improve your score. FMS is a common baseline test and the score allows your to track progress over time.

The InBody 360™ is one of the best body composition analyzers currently available; it indicates the ratio of lean body mass to fat mass in the entire body and in each individual limb. It also compares the body composition to an ideal composition and takes in account water in your body. This allows one of our trainers to immediately suggest how much muscle you should gain and how much fat you should lose, as well as identify muscle imbalances to correct.

Integrative Medicine

As part of your total wellness experience, we recommend a medical exam with a Peak Medical Director to help fully understand your whole health picture and diagnose the single most effective program. Based on the discovery process in this exam, the doctors may recommend blood work to determine the impact of your hormones, adrenals, lipids, metals, bone density and more. Although highly recommended, the medical exam is not included in Peak programs because it is self pay or billable through your insurance. If interested in incorporating this exam, your coach will schedule your appointment, build it into your program prescription, and communicate with your doctor to ensure our entire team is implementing their medical recommendations throughout the duration of your stay. If you prefer to opt out of a medical exam, we do require a recent physical and physician’s sign off stating you are healthy enough to participate in a PWR program.

Why do we call this integrative medicine? We combine the traditional medical expertise of internal medicine physicians Larry Gaul and Dennis Lipton with alternative medicine practices of Dr. Steven Schwartz. Dr. Schwartz offers mindfulness and emotional therapies, food and metal allergy testing, and alternative solutions for joint pain, migraines, stress management and more. By combining these practices with all the other components of the program we are creating a collaborative approach that results in the best possible path for personal improvement.

Food and Nutrition

While at Peak Wellness Retreat you will be empowered to enjoy dining out without the guilt and learn simple tricks for cooking healthy at home. Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be fixed menu items specific to your likes and metabolically based nutrition plan. For dinner you will go out and experience Vail’s finest dining establishments, and learn to order healthy options. Going out to eat with friends and family is a part of everyone’s life and by making smarter choices when ordering you can enjoy any restaurant. We have partnered with a variety of restaurants to create PWR approved menu items that you will be able to enjoy without any qualms.

Every program includes a consultation with one of our whole foods focused nutritionists, who take a holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle change. We don’t dwell on calorie counting, carbs and fats or create a long list of restrictions but rather provide a flexible meal plan and an abundance of choices that work for you and fit into your life. A few areas that we will help you explore are Bio-individuality: foods that work for your body, Primary Food: balancing all of what life brings so eating becomes secondary and Integrative Nutrition Plate: taking a deeper dive into how the plate should appear at mealtime and helping to identify the correct portion sizes.

In addition to having healthy food for every meal during your stay you will learn how to prepare similar meals at home. We will provide recipes and include demonstrations to teach you healthy cooking techniques. Additional cooking classes by Top Chef Kelly Liken and nutritional and life coaching sessions by Angela Gaffney, Peak’s Director of Nutrition Programming, may be purchased to fully round out your nutritional training.

Structural Analysis

Physical therapy is an integral part of the program and all wellness guests will receive an initial consultation with a licensed physical therapist at Howard Head Sports Medicine. Howard Head has helped thousands of professional athletes get back in gear and they will help you too. Whether you are recovering from an old injury or suffer from back, hip, or knee pain, we will match you with a therapist who specializes in that area. During your initial consultation the therapist with help diagnose the cause of the pain and demonstrate exercises to improve any imbalances. Follow up sessions may be recommended depending on severity of problem and length of stay.

Personal Training

Guarantee results and take an even deeper dive into improving your body by working with a personal trainer during your stay. Training with the right coach who understands your whole health picture is an essential part of meeting your fitness goals. Each package includes a comprehensive one hour training session to develop your personalized fitness Rx. Incorporating feedback from your physical and structural exam, your trainer will use a combination of state of the art equipment and body weight movements to prescribe your customized fitness program relevant to your fitness level. You will be motivated to push yourself to the limit and encouraged to keep going, even when you want to give up. Our training team cares about making sure you meet your goals and ensuring that you enjoy getting into shape. They will create videos of each exercise to take home so you will never forget a movement and can work with you when you go back home to ensure continued success. Our enhanced packages include additional personal training and you can choose to add-on more sessions with some of the best personal trainers in the industry. Peak head trainer and programming director Jay Balsamo comes from a fitness retreat background and has years of experience helping clients lose weight and keep it off for good. Master trainer Blake Gould has an education through Ignite360, the world’s only sports performance based certification. What sets Peak trainers apart is not only their in-depth knowledge, they really care about your success. Even after you leave Peak and return to the vigors of your day-to-day life, your Peak trainers will check-in on you and further provide you with in depth one-on-one coaching to hold you accountable and ensure success.

Life Management

Whether you are a CEO, stay at home mom, retired athlete, or a 8-5 employee there are stresses in your life. The term “work, life balance” is over used but 100% accurate. At Peak, you will achieve this! Work with our life coach and/or behavioral psychologist to define your personal and professional goals. Get to the root of the cause of the issues causing your obstacles for good.

Mind, Body, Soul

During your stay you will also exercise relaxation. Your program is designed to touch all points of your being and awareness of the mind, body and soul is equally as important as fitness and nutrition. We can provide guided meditation, private yoga sessions, prajnic, healing acupuncture, Ayurvedic wellness consultations, as well as sports specific, medically based or simply relaxing spa treatments. to explore all the treatments available at the the spa in the Vail Vitality Center, which we can build into your customized stay at Peak.


While you are at Peak Wellness Retreat we simplify wellness and take care of all the details but above all, we want to equip you to be successful at home. We will train you to use various applications to track exercise, log food dairies, monitor heart rate, and provide personal training videos to show your exact exercises and how to properly complete them so you won’t forget. We also want you to be able to continue to converse with our staff, ask any questions and track progress. You will be sent home with a 4-week nutrition program, with weekly calls from your nutritionist and at-home access to your coach through our online portal. Thereafter you can subscribe to our membership portal to continue to receive at home support.


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