You’re a seasoned athlete wanting to kick it into high gear. Or a new mom looking to shed that extra baby weight. Maybe you’re an over-stressed executive seeking balance and family connection. Or are you simply health conscious and in need of reinvigorating your mind, body and soul? Whoever you are, you can expect life-changing results from our world-class team. Peak will bring your whole health picture into focus with a customized program that addresses your individual goals.

Each program kicks off with a comprehensive series of assessments that includes InBody 360™  body composition, functional movement analysis, and more dependent on the program you choose. Based on the results, an individualized, all- inclusive program is created that couples a customized nutrition plan with a regimented workout schedule that features a combination of cardio, strength and personal training. The Peak incorporates moderate and vigorous outdoor mountain recreational activities into every day’s schedule, along with an educational component that ensures long-term success. Specific programs are available that specialize in total body overhaul, executive longevity, athlete evolution, and groups.

G3 Vail

Peak Wellness Retreat has partnered with the G3 Conference in Vail, CO June 14-16, 2015. The G3 conference aims to connect you with like-minded women in the rocky mountains to discover, reinvent yourself and rejuvenate – both personally and professionally. The G3 model seeks to touch all facets of a women’s life including, personal empowerment, fashion, beauty & self image, work-life balance, career, inspiration and motivation, mind-body connection, and nutrition and wellness which is where Peak Wellness Retreat comes into play.


Mountain Fit

August 22nd-23rd: Join Vail’s top female health & wellness experts for 2 days of outdoor adventure, fitness, education, locally grown food, and fun!

360º Fit- Local

An ongoing plan for locals and seasonal residents to bring your whole health picture into focus and create a sustainable plan for improvement.

Total Body Overhaul

Shed unwanted pounds, tone up, and learn how to create lifelong habits. Our top experts in the fields of nutrition, exercise physiology, and internal medicine will conduct a series of in-depth tests to understand your current metabolic state and to diagnose a medically based prescription for weight management or lifestyle change. Additional nutrition, life coaching and personal training sessions demand accountability, help educate for at home success and ensure serious results. We recommend a two-week minimum stay to see significant results. Extended stays available at discounted rates.


Designed to improve longevity and vitality, this program is for individuals who want to take a dive deep into their complete health picture and employ preventative measures so you can ski, bike, or play until your 90. The science-based health assessment will explore current cardiovascular health, identify risk factors, and determine preventative strategies. Extensive diagnostics from our world-class physician will define an exercise prescription and nutritional plan that you will put into practice while seeking adventure and enjoying your time in Vail. In a focused yet luxurious environment, you’ll work with Peak’s integrative health team to be an active participant in improving your wellness.


Imagine getting healthier at your next conference, losing five pounds instead of gaining five pounds during your next girls trip, or taking a vacation to specifically improve your team’s camaraderie and performance. Enhance your executive team’s productivity and relationships and achieve personal and professional goals while training, exploring, eating healthy and having fun. Bring your bridesmaids out for a health focused bachelorette party before the big day. Peak Wellness Retreat’s groups division works with you to coordinate every detail of your group’s perfect wellness experience.

Additional Services

You can customize any Peak program specific to your goals and interests.  Improve your success and achieve your goals faster by adding more personal training sessions.  Get to the bottom of emotional eating with an enhanced life coaching package coupled with one-on-one nutritional guidance.  Change your behaviors and reactions, and break through mental blocks in your athletic performance with behavioral therapy.   We aim to offer the best program tailored exactly to your needs, and want to work with you to create your ideal experiences.  Call us today to start building your Peak wellness adventure!



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